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The location of the Stargate Ggaaahh!  The End of Abydos


Myth/Geography ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ Abydos is the Greek name; the Middle Egyptian name was Abdjw or Abtu. It was the holy city of Osiris, a sacred site on the West Bank of the Nile, 60 miles North of Thebes (modern Deir el-Bahri). It is located at the Qena Bend on the Nile River. It was the main city of the Proto-Kingdom of This (Proto-kingdoms were the first kingdoms forming in the Pre-Dynastic Era; Nagada and Hierakonpolis were the other two). Abydos was the site for the tombs of the Proto-kings in Upper Egypt (the southern half) and the city of Saqqara was the Lower Egypt site. In Egyptian Myth, it is the place where Seth murdered his brother, Osiris. To learn more: Abydos - Holy City of Ancient Egypt and Egypt: Abydos, A Feature Tour Egypt Story.
The Movie (StarGate ©1994) ~ This is the planet where the majority of the movie takes place. It is located in the Cirrian Galaxy, on the other side of the known universe. It is a desert planet with a 36-hour day and three moons. The main city is Nagada. With Jackson’s help, the coverstones are translated and thus the Air Force is able to send a team through the Stargate. Ra rules the planet and abducted the Abydosians from Earth many thousands of years ago. The Egyptians rose up against Ra and buried the Gate at Giza; consequently, he outlawed reading and writing on Abydos. Kasuf is the spiritual leader of the slave population and Skaara and Sha-uri (Sha-re) are his children. In the novelization of the movie, it is revealed that Ra has mining operations on several planets in this Galaxy, and hadn’t actually been to Abydos for many years. He only showed up because the mineral (Naquadah) shipment had not been made on schedule. It is also revealed that Abydos was his first colony and he hated being there.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ (Stargate Designation: P8X-873) Thinking that Apophis came from Abydos, Col. O’Neill and the original team are recalled to the SGC. O’Neill reveals that Jackson is not dead, but living with the liberated Abydosians. After the Cartouche is discovered, the team realizes that the Stargate goes to thousands of planets (101 – Children of the Gods). One Abydos-year later, Daniel returns to tell Kasuf that he has had no luck in finding either Sha-re or Skaara, only to have Kasuf tell him that Sha-re has returned and is pregnant with the Harsiesis (209 – Secrets). Amonet/Sha-re returns to Abydos to retrieve the Harsiesis (although she previously told Apophis that Heru-ur stole him). Her funeral and Weighing of the Heart ceremony take place (310 – Forever In A Day). Kasuf and SG-1 find Shifu (the Harsiesis) in the desert of Abydos (417 – Absolute Power). Anubis used the Eye of Ra to destroy Abydos and kill everyone there, including Kasuf and Skaara. However, with the help of Oma Desala, the entire population ascends (Sarah is not very happy about this! She thinks the ending of this episode is a turkey. In her opinion, it is worse than A Hundred Days (317)!) (622 – Full Circle).

Acastus Kolya, Genii soldier


Mythology ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ Son of King Pelias of Iolcus, and either Anaxibia or Phylomache. With his wife, Astydamea, he had three daughters: Sterope, Sthenele, and Laodamia. He was a reluctant member of the Argonauts. Medea was responsible for the death of his father. In retribution, when Acastus became king, he exiled Jason and Medea. Acastus was married to Astydamea, who in turn was infatuated with Peleus (King of Aegina; one of the Argonauts). Peleus didn’t want anything to do with her, so she told her husband that Peleus had tried to violate her (She also sent a message to Peleus’ wife, Antigone, that said Peleus was to marry one of Acastus’ daughters. In her grief, Antigone hung herself.). Acastus believed his wife and took Peleus on a hunting trip on Mount Pelion. There, Acastus made sure that Peleus became lost without his sword near a group of centaurs (half human/half horse). Peleus escaped the centaurs, returned to Iolcus, and killed Acastus and Astydamea.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ The Genii send Commander Acastus Kolya and a strike team to invade Atlantis, which they do with ease since the vast majority of the SGA crew sent off world for safety from the approaching mega-storm. Upon entering the gateroom, Kolya orders the two guards killed and proceeds to take Dr. McKay and Dr. Weir hostage. Sora, a member of the strike team, finds this disturbing. Kolya demands that Atlantis give all their weapons, all their medical supplies, and the stolen Wraith device, along with a Jumper. Acastus soon changes his mind and decides to seize the entire city instead of simply raiding it. Dr. Weir says that only the Ancients and those with the "Ancient-Gene" can fully operate the city. She says that the members of the SGA are the Pegasus Galaxy’s only hope against the coming Wraith War. Acastus says she is arrogant and implies that the Genii also have the "Ancient-Gene." He is shot by Sheppard; fate unknown (110/111 – The Storm/The Eye). He survived his gunshot wound and finds the SGA on Dagan, where he tries to take the newly discovered ZPM (116 – The Brotherhood). He went missing several months ago; Ladon suspects Cowen had him murdered (217 – Coup D’Etat). He survived, and tortures Sheppard by letting a Wraith feed on him. Kolya believes Ladon has taken his rightful place as leader of the Genii (307 – Common Ground).

The pilot of the Adaris getting medical treatment back on Atlantis


Myth ~ ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA ~ Also known as Adramelech ("Magnificent King"), Adar was worshiped by the Sepharvites. Sepharvaim ("The Two Sippars," or "The Two Book-Towns") was possibly conquered by King Sargon II. Anciently known as Sippar and modernly known as Abu-Habba, it is located on the east bank of the Euphrates River. The second Sippar on the other bank was known as Akkad (Sargon I's capitol and home to a great library). According to 2 Kings 17:31, to pay tribute to him, the Sepharvites sacrificed children to him by burning them alive, which leads to his association to Moloch. However, there is no reference to this in any cuneiform tablets (It should also be noted that there is a question if Adar is even a god; the name may be an epithet, or a name of a yet to be identified ancient city). Adar was said to be a Sun-God (which leads some scholars to think that Adramelech was a title for Utu/Shamash, Sun-God and patron god of Sippar). Adar is depicted in the form of a donkey or peacock, or a composite of the two.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ The Adaris is an Ancient science ship that was destroyed 15000 years ago. While studying the sun, it was hit by a coronal mass ejection. All of the crew except the pilot was killed by the radiation. He was able to make it back to Atlantis to warn them in time. The Ancients were able to raise and extend the shield to protect the city and a large portion of the planet (312 - Echoes).



Myth ~ ANCIENT NORSE ~ (Old Norse Ægir) Also called Hlér or Gymir ("the Blinder"); He is the God of the Sea, Seashore, and Ocean. He was both worshipped and feared by sailors, for he could be benevolent and rageful; the "Jaws of Aegir" sank ships. To appease him, sacrifices of prisoners were made before setting sail. Aegir was one of the Vanir. He is the son of Mistarblindi ("Mist-Blind") or Fornjót. His brothers were Logi ("Fire") and Kari ("Air; Wind"). With his sister-wife Ran (Goddess of the Drowned), he is the father of nine daughters, the Billow Maidens, or ocean waves (who are possibly the mothers of Heimdall). However, in some sources, Aegir is not a god, but a man "very skilled in magic" who lived on Hlesey Island and visited the gods in Asgard. He was a giant and depicted as being crowned with seaweed and surrounded by nixies (Germanic water-sprites). He was known for the generous entertainment and hospitality he provided to the other gods. With Thor’s giant kettle, he brewed ale for all the gods (the foam of the beer was the foam of the waves). His hall under the sea was near Hlesey (or Hler) Island. Gold was placed on the floor to provide light instead of fire. The cups there were magical and always refilled themselves. Eldir ("Fire-Kindler") and Fimafeng ("Handy;" killed by Loki) were his devoted servants. Aegir’s Hall was a sanctuary where violence was not allowed.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Aegir is the Commander of the Valhalla. He and several other ships gathered at the point where the Replicator ship was to drop out of hyperspace and destroyed it before it could reach Orilla. He located an inactive human-form Replicators floating in space and alerted Thor to its location (801/802 – New Order). Due to their incurable degeneration disease, he dies in the mass suicide of the Asgard explosion of Orilla (1020 – Unending).

The people of the planet K’tau


Myth ~ ANCIENT NORSE ~ (Old Norse: Æsir) From the old-Teutonic word Ase (translation: "god"), the Aesir is a name for the group of the main Norse gods that lived in the Asgard plain. "Aesir" is the plural term for the male gods; while "As" is for a single god. Groups of goddess were referred to as "Asynior" or "Asyniur;" while a single goddess was referred to as "Asynia." Some of the deities who were members of the Aesir were Thor, Heimdall, Odin, Freyr, and Freya (Freyr and Freya were members of the Vanir; they lived with the Aesir after the conflict between the gods was solved).
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Elrad says something to the effect of "Lord Freyr, foremost of the Aesir..." in a prayer (505 – Red Sky).

Aiyana: Ancient or Hoc-tar? The world may never know Aiyana in Atlantis


Language ~ USA ~ Aiyana is a feminine Native American name which means "Eternal Bloom." Oh, dear, it seems that Robert Cooper (the writer of this episode) and I have both been deceived by the Internet. Aiyana is not a Native American name, Cherokee or otherwise. It seems to be a new name with its origin starting somewhere around 1970. It probably originated from African, Jamaican, or Hindi. Learn More: "Native American" Names That Don’t Have The Meaning They’re Supposed To (scroll down).
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ This name is given to the frozen woman found at the White Rock Research Station in Antarctica by Dr. Francine Michaels. The White Rock Research Station was set up at the location of the area where the Antarctic Gate was discovered. The vein of ice that she was discovered in was at least 3 million years old. Because of this fact, she predates human evolution by 50 million years (with humans first appearing 800000 to 900000 years ago). This leads Major Carter to theorize that Aiyana might be one of the Ancients or else a Hoc-tar (advanced human, like the "Tomorrow People"), and also the fact that she can heal through touch. However, she is infected with a virus that is similar cerebrospinal meningitis, and as a result she dies (604 – Frozen).
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ When the Ancients took their city to the Pegasus Galaxy, she was left behind at the outpost, possibly to guard the outpost or possibly because she was already infected (101/102 – Rising).


Akkad (Arkad)

History ~ ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA (modern Iraq) ~ Arkad; possibly named for Akkad (also Sumerian: Agade; Biblical: Accad). Akkad was a city and the capital of the Akkadian Empire, as well as used to refer to the northern region of Mesopotamia. It is located somewhere southwest of modern Baghdad. It is thought to be on the west bank of the Euphrates, between the ancient cities of Sippar and Kish, although its ruins have not yet been found. Akkad/Agade was founded by Sargon in c. 2300 BC, when he united several city-states in the north (Collectively, Akkad) and south (Known as Sumer/Sumeria). The story of Moses floating in the river as a baby originated with Sargon. Other parts of the Bible also originated from the Akkadians, including the Biblical Flood from the Tale of Gilgamesh and Talion. During the Empire, Akkadian, a Semitic language, became dominant for both speaking and cuneiform. It is the oldest surviving Semitic dialect and gave rise to Babylonian, Assyrian, Hebrew, and Arabic. Naram-Sin, Sargon's grandson, reigned during the Empire’s high point. After the collapse, Elam (land east of Sumer) took over. Later Hammurabi defeated the Elamites and gave rise to Babylonia. Learn More: Friesian.com: Sumer and Akkad and Akkad and the Akkadians of Mesopotamia.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ While the First Prime of Apophis, Teal’c unintentionally killed Arkad’s parents and sister. Despite this, Arkad respected and idolized Teal’c. He later went to Bra'tac for training. Arkad later became First Prime of an unspecified Goa'uld. He had a reputation for being deceptive and cowardly in battle. After Teal’c’s forces defeated him in an embarrassing way, he sent an assassin to kill Teal'c's mother. After the fall of the Goa'uld, Arkad started to follow the Ori, and became the leader of a group called Illac Renin (Ancient: Kingdom of the Path). It was rumored that he started to stockpile weapons-grade Naquadah for an Ori attack on Earth. Jaffa sources suggested that he was behind the bombing on Dar Eshkalon, however he claims it was rogue forces. Killed by Teal’c after admitting to the murder of Teal’c’s mother (1017 – Talion). Vala’s father, Jacek, alerts the SGC to Arkad’s plan to blow up Earth with cargo ships loaded with Naquadah (1018 – Family Ties).

The Subterranean World of Altair


Science ~ ASTRONOMY ~ From the Arabic words "al-nasr" (the eagle), it is an intense, double star in the constellation Aquila. It is approximately 15.7 light-years from Earth.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Planet P3X-989, its surface was destroyed by radiation. Harlan is the last survivor of Altair and is more than 11000 years old. The surviving one thousand Altarians were forced to make synthetic bodies and live underground in order to survive the radiation. Harlan made synthetic duplicates of SG-1, who remain behind on Altair to help him with repairs (118 – Tin Man).



Myth ~ ANCIENT JAPAN ~ (Translation: "Shining Heaven" or "She Who Shines In the Heavens." Title: "Illustrious Ancestress Of the Emperor") Also called Ama Terasu, Omikami ("Illustrious Goddess"), and Tensho Daijan (Sino-Japanese pronunciation); she is the Shinto Goddess of the Sun and rules over the Plain of Heaven. She is the supreme deity in the Shinto pantheon and as such the Japanese Imperial family claimed to be descent from her until 1945 when polytheism was outlawed. She is the eldest daughter of Izanagi ("The Male Who Invites;" Primordial Sky-God & God of Light) and Izanami ("The Female Who Invites;" Goddess/Personification of the Earth & Darkness). She is the sister of Kagutsuchi (God of Fire), Tsuki-Yumi (Moon-Goddess), and Susanowo (Storm-God). She is married to Takami-Musubi (Primordial Sky-God and Spirit of Divine Love), and is the grandmother of Ninigi-no-mikoto (Rice-God) and Uzume ("Whirling;" Goddess of Joy and Happiness). Her brother, Susanowo, started a storm upon the Earth. The noise that he caused bothered he so much that she shut herself in a cave and blocked her light from the rest of the world. During this time, demons ruled the Earth. Uzume devised a plan to lure her out. She comically danced near the cave, making the other gods laugh and made Amaterasu curious. As she emerged from the cave, dawn was created. She was also responsible for the creation of inada (rice fields), taught people how to tend wheat and silkworms, and invented weaving with the loom.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ One of the System Lords involved in the treaty with Earth. She arrives at the SGC with Camulus and Yu (with Oshu). She doesn’t like Earth and wishes to spend as little time there as possible. As she, Yu, and Oshu are leaving, she declares that Camulus will forever be branded a traitor and a coward for seeking asylum on Earth (801/802 – New Order). She and Yu are rallying troops in a last ditch effort against Baal in the War of the System Lords (813 – It’s Good To Be King). Rebel Jaffa are in her ranks, however her fleet has been taken over by Replicators. Fate unknown (816/817 – Reckoning).

No Xenas here


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ Translates to "Without One Breast." The Amazons were a fierce tribe of warrior women. According to legend the Amazons cut off their right breasts in order to make it easier to shoot bow and arrow and to wield other weapons. The Amazons were used in legends to glorify the Greek warriors, since the Amazons were considered barbarians (Proper Greek women were expected to stay in the home and care for the children). Recently, evidence has been found to support the theory that the Amazons were real. In 1995, on the Russian Steppe, approximately fifty Iron Age graves, called kurgans ("burial mounds"), of Indo-European nomads were found. They were unearthed near Pokrovka, Russia, near the Kazakhstan border. The nomads who originated the mounds in c. 600 BC are known as Sauromatians, who, according to Herodotus were descendants of the Amazons and the Scythians, and lived north of the Sea of Azov. After c. 400 BC, the mounds were reused by another group of nomads called Sarmatians, who were possibly related to the first group. These graves are different in that they suggest a matriarchal society. The women's graves contained large and expensive grave goods (i.e. fine quality iron swords or daggers, bronze arrowheads, and whetstones to sharpen the weapons), which indicates that the women had more power. The skeletons also confirm their women being warriors. A skeleton of an approximately 13-year-old girl displays bowed leg bones, resulting from a life on horseback. Also, in another woman’s skeleton, a bent arrowhead was found in the body cavity, suggesting that she had been killed in battle. The men's kurgans graves contained lesser goods and also contained the bodies of children. The women's graves did not contain children's bodies. This suggests that the women were the warriors while the men were the primary care givers. It was also common for there to be women warriors in various Germanic tribes and in the Mongol armies of Genghis Khan. Learn More: AMAZONS, Greek Mythology Link, Salon | Newsreal: Return of the 50-Foot Women, Statuses of Women Warriors, and Women Warriors - the Sarmatians.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Led by Ishta, the Amazonian Female Jaffa Warriors are rebelling against Moloch. They are based on the planet Hak’tyl (Goa’uld for "Liberation"). They started their resistance when Moloch began the Ceremony of Fire, in which the female Jaffa daughters are burned alive. They have become skilled warriors and stole symbiotes from other Jaffa in order to survive. They form an alliance with the SGC and start to use tretonin (710 – Birthright).

Only those with wealth of knowledge and truth of spirit shall be given access to the underworld, the storehouse of riches of Ambrosius Aurelianus. Prove ye worthy and all shall be revealed

Ambrosius Aurelianus

Myth/History ~ GREAT BRITAIN ~ (incorrectly called Aurelius Ambrosius in Historia Regum Britanniae, the Welsh called him Emrys Wledig [the Imperator] or Emrys Benaur [the Golden-Headed]) According to Gildas (c. 494 or 516 – c. 570) and to the Historia Britonum, Ambrosius was the leader of the Romano-British who, in the 5th century, won important battles against the Anglo-Saxons. Ambrosius came to power in c. 479 when he organized the Romano survivors after a Saxon assault. He was a "Mythical British King," preceded by Vortigern and succeeded by Uther Pendragon. In the fictional Historia Regum Britanniae, Geoffrey of Monmouth combines Ambrosius with Merlin. Monmouth also says that Ambrosius (as Aurelius Ambrosius) is the second son of Constantine III (his older brother is Constans and his younger brother is Uther). Later, Aurelius Ambrosius becomes friends with Merlin (confused yet?). It is more widely accepted that Ambrosius may be a semi-historical basis for King Arthur. It is thought that Ambrosius was the leader of the Romano-British at the Battle of Mons Badonicus (c. 500; also: Mount Badon [English] and Mynydd Baddon [Welsh] and thought to be the modern city of Bath).
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The Merlin hologram in Avalon says that the treasure belongs to Ambrosius Aurelianus. Daniel says that scholars have speculated that Arthur and Ambrosius are the same person and that Ambrosius was the son of Emperor Constantine. He also says that if that were true then he would have been 74 years old at the Battle of Mount Badon (901 -- Avalon).



Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ Also called Amaunet. As the first wife of Amun, she is a member of the pantheon called the Ogdoad of Hermopolis. The same as Amun, her name also means "The Hidden One." She was the teacher of the Pharaohs, the embodiment of the northern wind, and a fertility goddess. She is also called "The Mother Who Is Father." In this capacity, she needed no male intervention to create life. She was a Snake Deity usually depicted as the Uraeus (Cobra) that sits on the Nemes (striped head cloth) or the Deshret (Red Crown of Lower Egypt).
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ She is the Goa’uld who has chosen Sha-re, Daniel Jackson’s Abydosian wife, from Apophis’ harem of kidnapped intergalactic women as her host body. She is Apophis’ queen (101 – Children of the Gods). She and Apophis have broken the Goa’uld laws by creating a Harsiesis, which will be used as Apophis’ new host. During Sha-re’s pregnancy, Amonet is dormant, for if she were in control, Sha-re would have a miscarriage. During this time, Sha-re can access Amonet’s memories, to a limited degree. Sha-re/Amonet tells Apophis that Heru-ur took the child, even though Daniel and Kasuf have him (209 – Secrets). She and Sha-re are both now deceased (310 – Forever In A Day).

The medical view of the symbiote within The host speaks to Daniel


Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ He is a member of the pantheon called the Ogdoad of Hermopolis. The same as his first wife, Amonet, his name also means "The Hidden One." Originally, he was self-created, although in later myths, Thoth created him. Later, in the New Kingdom, the Theban Priests, created a triad consisting of him, Mut, and their son, Khonsu’s. He was a primordial god, who was the God of the "Invisible Breeze." Also as the "Hidden One," Amun was said to be able to take the form of all the other Gods and their powers. He was the source of all enigma and mystery, and omnipresent yet concealed. He was the patron god of Thebes and became the chief god of all of Egypt during the Middle and New Kingdoms. He was most commonly shown as a blue-skinned man or a man with a ram’s head. He wears a crown with two tall ostrich plumes and a sun disk. Also during the New Kingdom, the Theban Priests combined him with Ra in an attempt to link the cult Amun with the older cult of Ra. He was then worshipped as a powerful Sun God, under the name Amun-Ra (The Greeks called him Ammon). His main cult centers were in Karnak and Deir-el-Bahari (ancient Luxor).
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Apophis’ host was a priest/scribe at the Temple of Amun at Karnak. We learn this when Apophis is left unconscious, as a result of Sokar’s torture, allowing the host to speak. Unfortunately, without Apophis to sustain his life, the host shortly dies after Apophis. Martoof says that Sokar will be able to bring Apophis back to life using the sarcophagus (218 – Serpent’s Song).

Androcles and the Lion *rawr*

Androcles and the Lion

Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ Aulus Gellius (c. AD 130 - 180), a Roman writer and lawyer, wrote Androcles and the Lion. Set during the reign of Tiberius (AD 14–37), Androcles was a Roman slave who had a cruel master. He escaped to Africa where he took refuge in a cave, which was also the home of a lion. The lion returned to the cave, limping. Androcles was terrified that the lion was going to eat him. He noticed that the lion’s paw was swollen and he removed a large thorn from it. Androcles and the lion became friends, however Roman soldiers captured them both. As punishment for running away, Androcles was to be put in the arena where he would be devoured by wild animals. The guards raised the gate and the half-starved lion rushed towards Androcles. The lion recognized Androcles as the man who removed the thorn from his paw. The Emperor was astonished at the friendship and freed both Androcles and the lion.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Daniel references this story as he pulls a splinter from Chaka’s hand (Special thanks to Robert Brandenburg, for pointing this out) (408 – The First Ones).
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Sheppard compares Dr. Beckett to Androcles as he removes the Wraith tracking device from Ronon’s back (203 – Runner).

Silly humans!  All robots are evil!  Reese and her toys, the Replicators Fifth

Androids/Cyborgs/Robots (Reese)

Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ I haven’t been able to find any reliable sources for Mesopotamian or Oriental texts yet, but in The Argonautica (modernly known as Jason and the Argonauts) by Apollonious Rhodios, Jason battles a fire-breathing bull that is depicted as robotic in Colchis, Medea’s home kingdom and the location of the golden fleece. Another mention of a "robot" in Greek mythology is Talos, the bronze man who guarded Crete.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Daniel says that there is mention of androids/cyborgs in Ancient Greek, Mesopotamian, and Oriental texts. In this episode SG-1 finds Reese on an unnamed planet. They also find remains of the Replicators (See Nemesis). Reese is an android that was created by her "father," one of the "human" inhabitants of her planet. She created the Replicators to be her toys. Her "father" told her to "go to sleep" as the Replicators wreaked havoc on the planet. She is "deceased" (519 – Menace). The Replicators studied Reese and created "First" through "Sixth" to be like her. The Replicators made "First" and "First" in turn made the rest. "Fifth" was made to be more human, and was considered flawed by the rest. They have taken over the planet Halla (612 – Unnatural Selection).

The coverstones found in Anhur Raise the Gate


Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ Also known as Han-her or Inher and as Onuris or Onouris by the Greeks, he is the personification of the royal warriors and the Hunter/Warrior God. His name comes from the Egyptian word anhuret, which translates to "He Who Brings the Far Near." His name has also been translated as "Sky Bearer." His job was to slay the enemies of Ra. He is married to the lion goddess Mekhit. His mother is Hathor and his father is thought to be Ra, as indicated by his epithet, "Son of Ra." He is also sometimes compared to the violent side of Shu (God of the Sky) or to Heru-ur. His cult centers were the cities of This (Thinis) near Abydos and Sebennytus (Samannud) in the Delta. He is usually portrayed as a bearded warrior holding a lance, dressed in a long robe and wearing a headdress with four tall ostrich plumes. In one of his myths, he journeys to Nubia to retrieve the Eye of Ra. Learn More: TourEgypt: The Egyptian War God Onuris.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ On the planet P3X-744 (Tegrea/Tagrea), there is an area to the north of the main city known as Anhur. It is now a desert or wasteland. Jonas and Teal’c (See Jaffa) learn of this area while on their search for the planet’s Stargate. Tarek Solomon, a native historian, has found many Horus artifacts there that are remnants of Heru-ur’s rule 300 years ago (620 -- Memento).

Daniel reads about Arthur in Annwn


Myth ~ GREAT BRITAIN (Wales) ~ Also called Annwyn, Annwyfn, or Annwfn (Pronounced: an'oon; from Proto-Celtic An-dubnion "Extremely Deep"). In Celtic mythos, Annwn is a region of the Netherworld and is inhabited by demons, fairies, as well as other various immortals. It is said to be paradise with eternal youth, plentiful food, and no disease. Annwn was first ruled by Arawn, and was later ruled by Gwyn ap Nudd. It is said to be located so far to the west, that no one could ever find it. However, there are two doors to Annwn, located at Glastonbury Tor and Lundy Island. In Preideu Annwfn (The Spoils of Annwn), a short enigmatic Welsh poem (from the Book of Talisien, dating to c. 900), Arthur and several knights go to Annwn to retrieve a magical cauldron guarded by nine maidens (Thought to be led by Morgan Le Fay). Avalon is also sometimes compared to Annwn. Read it: PREIDEU ANNWN: "The Spoils of Annwn".
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ According to the books Daniel found at the Glastonbury cave, Arthur went to Annwn, where he retrieved thirteen sacred objects, one of which was a cloak. Merlin kept the cloak, also known as the "Mantle of Arthur" (See Lepton), at Bardsey Island (918 -- Arthur’s Mantle).

Kendra Daniel’s lovely parting gift!  The rune Ansuz


Language ~ ANCIENT NORSE ~ Ansuz is a rune that represents the Gods of the Aesir (See Asgard), which includes Thor and Odin. It also represents the letter "a." It is used for leadership, success, and wise decisions.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ When SG-1 left Cimmeria, Kendra gave this rune to Daniel (109 – Thor’s Hammer).


Antaeus (Pronounced: An-tee’-uhs)

Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ The son of Gaia and Poseidon. He was an invincible giant who made all strangers to wrestle him. He defeated and/or killed each. He was only invincible as long as he stayed in contact with the Earth (Gaia) who gave him with strength. Hercules found his secret and strangled him.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The leader of the group of the Nox that SG-1 meets (107 – The Nox).

Anubis, First Prime of Ra (in the movie) Anubis, taking a page from Sokar’s book:  Holographs and outrageous threats Anubis’ Secret Identity Col. Vaselov on KS7-535 Khalek possesses semi-mad skills


Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ Called Anpu in Ancient Egyptian texts; Anubis is his Greek name. Originally said to be the fourth son of Ra, he was later said to be the son of Osiris and Nephthys (the wife of Seth). According to the Pyramid Texts (See Book of the Dead), he is the father of the goddess Qeb-hwt ("Cooling Water"). He was also the God of embalming, cemeteries, and the Weighing of the Hearts during the last judgment. Isis taught him the art of embalming and he created the first mummy when he wrapped Osiris’ body for burial. He is one of the most important gods of the underworld because he guided the soul to judgment. He is depicted as a man with the head of a Jackal since the jackal represents the scavenger of the graveyards. Sometimes he is depicted as the jackal itself. The Greeks identified him with Hermes Psychopompos. Psychopompos was a title that means the messenger of the underworld who guides the soul.
The Movie (StarGate ©1994) ~ Anubis was the lead of Ra’s guards. Anubis was also the champion of all the Horus-guards. To become Anubis, one of the Horus-guards had to battle and kill the previous Anubis.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ He sends Tanith to threaten the Tollan Curia (509 – Between Two Fires). It turns out that a System Lord also took on the persona of Anubis. This Ex-System Lord has been outcast for 1000 years because his crimes were unspeakable even for Goa’uld standards. He enlisted Zipacna to eradicate the Tok-ra. Zipacna sends Osiris to represent Anubis at the summit where we learn the attending System Lords (Baal, Bastet, Kali, Morrígan, Olokun, Svarog, and Yu) have suffered great losses (in ships and Jaffa) to Anubis. Kali also reveals that most of Anubis’ Jaffa were previously in the service of Cronus, Olokun, and Sokar. Anubis is the oldest surviving System Lord. He also knows the System Lords need him because of the rising rate of Jaffa doubt, Tok-ra infiltration, and the Tau’ri threat (515/516 – Summit/Last Stand). Anubis makes his grand appearance and reveals he has more advanced technology than the rest of the Goa’uld. One is a device he implanted into Thor’s brain forming a link with the ship’s computer enabling Thor’s knowledge to be downloaded (522 – Revelations). He has absorbed the armies of Apophis and Cronus. He appears at the SGC using holographic technology, stolen from Thor’s mind and tries to destroy the Earth by blowing up the Stargate (601 – Redemption). One of his motherships is discovered orbiting Earth and crashes into the Pacific Ocean near Alaska. Three Ninja Jaffa are found on board (603 – Descent). His forces attacked Tok-ra base in the Risa System. The ashrak (Goa’uld assassin) that infiltrated the Alpha Site on P3X-984 was most likely in his service (609 – Allegiance). It is revealed that he figured out how to Ascend, when everyone thought he was dead. The "Others" (the Ancients) tried to expel him and now he is some sort of Half-Ascended/Ancient, Half-Evil-Mushy Human-Misty-Goa’uld creature. He wears the black cape as a shield to keep his form intact. He used the Eye of Ra to destroy the collective fleet of the Goa’uld and Abydos (622 – Full Circle). He captures Jonas, implants a probe in his brain, and attacks Kelowna’s capital city in search of naquadria. However, he is attacked by the combined efforts of the System Lords led by Baal. Defeated, he flees in an escape pod (701/702 – Fallen/Homecoming). He, with the help of Thoth, have created the Kull warriors (711/712 – Evolution). His ship is destroyed in the battle over Antarctica and he is presumed dead (722 – Lost City). In a gaseous/semi-ascended from, he boarded a Russian spacecraft and "possessed" a cosmonaut. He eventually made his way to the SGC in Col. Vaselov. After "possessing" a number of SGC personal he once again takes control of Vaselov and escapes. However, Carter reprogrammed the address and he ended up on KS7-535, an ice planet, where Vaselov froze to death (803 – Lockdown). He once rose from the dead on the planet Dakara (See: Jaffa). He escaped the Ice Planet in a gaseous form and jumps from body to body (816/817 – Reckoning). In a lab they originally believe to be Nirty’s, SG-1 finds a Hoc-tar (genetically advanced human) in stasis. After reviving him they learn that he called Khalek and that he is a Goa'uld-human hybrid (similar to Sakhmet). They also learn that Anubis grew him from his own pre-ascended DNA. Khalek possesses Anubis’ genetic memory, even things that happened to Anubis while Khalek was in stasis. Killed trying to leave the SGC (909 -- Prototype).

Col. Abraham Ellis, commander of the Apollo Apollo, dropping bombs


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (From the Greek verb apollumi, "To Destroy;" or from the Indo-European root, Apelo, "Strength") Also called Apollon, he was the God of Light, Archery, Medicine, Music, Prophecy, Truth, and Rational Harmony (Helios/Sol is the God of the Sun). He may have originated with the Anatolian god, Appaliunas (Translation: "Father Lion" or "Father Light"). As Paeon ("The Healing;" also a title of Thanatos), he released mortals from the calamities or sorrow of life. Paeon also became the name for his hymns, which were warlike and asked for evil to be averted. Later, Paeon became a title or surname for his son, Asclepius. His other titles were: Phoebus, Archer King, Alexikakos ("Averter of Evil"), Nomios ("Herdsman"), and Lyceius (Lykoi, "Wolf;" as a protector of flocks from wolves). As a God of Plagues, he was called Smintheus (Sminthos, "Mousy") and Parnopius (Parnops, "Grasshopper"). He was the son of Zeus and Leto, and twin-brother of Artemis. He was also half-brother to Hermes (Messenger of the Gods) and Athena. Because Zeus had an affair with Leto, Hera (his wife) tried to prevent Leto from giving birth. She kidnapped Ilithyia, the Goddess of Childbirth, and put a curse on Leto, saying that she could not give birth on water or on solid ground. Ilithyia escaped and Leto gave birth on Delos, a floating island. The island was anchored to the sea floor in thanks for their hospitality. Python, the dragon oracle, was fated to be killed by Apollo, and tried to kill Leto before the twins were born. Apollo killed him when he was four days old (Pythia, Apollo’s oracle at Delphi, was named fro him). Leto was also insulted by Niobe, when she said that she was better than Leto because she had more numerous and more beautiful children. In vengeance, Artemis killed the girls, and Apollo killed the boys. Later, he guided the arrow that killed Achilles and gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy. He was depicted as a beardless, beautiful, manly youth, and is crowned with laurel leaves. He holds either a bow or lyre. Hermes gave him the lyre, which relates to him being leader of the Muses. He had many children. With the mortal Coronis, he is the father of the demi-god Asclepius (God of Healing), and grandfather to Hygia/Hygieia (Goddess of Health). With the Muse Calliope, he was the father of Orpheus. With Hecate (the three-faced Goddess of the Cross-roads), he is the father of Scylla (“Puppy”), one of the monsters in the Strait of Messina. Apollo’s sacred objects were: the laurel tree, lyre, bow and arrow, swan, and dolphin. He was compared to the Egyptian gods Heru-ur and Horus. Learn More: Mythica: Apollo and Greek Mythology Link: Apollo.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ A new sister ship to the battle cruiser, Daedalus. She is commanded by Col. Abraham Ellis. The Apollo attacks Asuras with the Horizon, a set of six Mark IX tactical nukes (and four decoys) housed in a custom-made weapons platform. The Horizon succeeds in destroying the Asuran fleet of warships (320 - First Strike).

Apophis Does this force-field make me look fat?  It does???!!! AHHHHHH!!


Myth ~ ANCIENT EGYPT ~ Called Apep, Aaapef, and Apepi in Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs; Apophis is his Greek name. He is called The Monster of Darkness and the Serpent of the Underworld. He is also the leader of all the demons who reside in the Duat (Underworld; See Book of Am-Taut). He battled the nameless Sun God every night in his journey through the underworld to be reborn as Khepri (the scarab god of the rising sun). This battle represented struggle between light and darkness. Apep is the embodiment of darkness, evil, and chaos. Now and then, he won the battle, causing a solar eclipse. However, Ra always prevailed in the end. Inevitably, Ra killed Apep, chopped up his body, and then burned it.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ He is a Goa’uld System Lord and enemy of Heru-ur and SG-1. He controls the Serpent-guards. He is father of Klorel, the Goa’uld who has taken possession of Skaara, Sha-re’s brother (101 – Children of the Gods). He was captured by Sokar and thought dead (218 – Serpent’s Song). He was later found on Netu, the prison colony moon of the planet Delmak, the home of Sokar. He posed under the guise of Na’onak, the right hand man of Bynarr (whom he killed), the first prime of Sokar (312/313 – Jolinar’s Memories/The Devil You Know). He had been using Tanith as a spy within the Tok-ra ranks. His fleet arrives in the orbit of Vorash in an attempt to stop them from relocating. Samantha Carter comes up with the idea to create a supernova using the Stargate to destroy his fleet (422 – Exodus). As a result of SG-1 destroying the control crystals for the sub light engines on Apophis’ ship, it went into an uncontrolled re-entry into the atmosphere of Delmak (the former home world Sokar). Apophis and the Replicators aboard were killed (501 – Enemies).

Zipacna is Klorel's O'Neill and Daniel are Skaara's


History ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ An archon is one of the nine principal magistrates (judge or person of authority) of ancient Athens. Two of the most famous archons were Draco (also spelled Dracon) and Solon. Draco (ca. 621 BC) was the author of the Draconian Code, which intensified the unhappiness of the people through money borrowing and debt of the small farmer. This resulted in the rich landowners becoming more powerful and the small farmers becoming slaves in order to pay their debts. He also established a code of law that was extremely severe (The penalty for stealing a cabbage was death). Nonetheless, it did take punishment for a crime out of private hands and placed it in the control of the state. Solon (638? -559? BC) reformed the legislation of Draco and thus averted a revolution in 594-593 BC, by making it forbidden to borrow money and canceled all current debts.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ An archon is like an attorney, who is chosen by the seekers (defendants) to represent them in a Triad. In this episode, Zipacna is the archon for Klorel, and O’Neill and Daniel are the archons for Skaara (315 – Pretense).



Science ~ ASTRONOMY ~ (Latin: Altar) Originally called Ara Centauri, it was one of Ptolemy's original 48 constellations. It is a southern constellation and located between Scorpius and Triangulum Australe. The Milky Way crosses its northwest corner. Beta Arae is Ara's brightest star with an apparent magnitude of 2.9. Just south of Beta, Gamma Arae, a double star, is located. Mu Arae, similar to our Sun (Sol), has four planets orbiting it. It was thought to be the Altar of Chiron the centaur, and occasionally that of Dionysus. Learn More: SEDS: Constellation Ara, StarrySkies: Ara, David Darling’s Mu Arae, and SolStation: Mu Arae.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Along with Tyre and Rakai, Ara is a Satedan that SGA meets on an unnamed planet while investigating rumors of Wraith-killers. Ronon and his fellow Satedans reminisce about their Wraith-killing. After Carter denies Ronon’s request for Tyre, Ara, and Rakai to come to Atlantis, he joins them on a raid of a mothership. During the fight, it is revealed that Tyre, Ara, and Rakai have teamed up with the Wraith, after the Wraith tortured them by draining and replenishing their life. Ronon battles them in traditional Satedan hand-to-hand combat and defeats them (403 - Reunion).

Arcturus *shiny!*


Science ~ ASTRONOMY ~ (Greek: Arktouros "Bear Guard") Also called Alpha Boötis, Haris-el-sema (Arabic: "Keeper of Heaven"), and Hokule’a (Prehistoric Polynesian/Hawaiian: "Star of Joy"); it is a red giant and is about 36.7 light years from us. Arcturus is thought to be an old star. Arcturus is the third brightest star in the sky and the brightest star in the constellation of Boötis. An easy way to find Arcturus is to follow the arc of the handle of the Big Dipper. It’s about 110 times more luminous as the Sun, although most of its light is infrared.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Project Arcturus, located on planet Doranda, is the Ancients failed attempt at making a new power source/weapon. The Arcturus power source could possibly possess the power of 25 Zero Point Modules (ZPM). While ZPMs extracts vacuum energy from an artificially created region of subspace time, a so called "mini-universe," while the Arcturus attempted to extract vacuum energy from our own space-time, thus potentially making it as powerful as the entire universe. But since it draws power from our own universe it is highly unstable. Rodney compares it to the Manhattan Project (and Collins to Harry K. Daghlian), while Zelenka and Sheppard say it is was total failure. The Ancients did succeed in using Arcturus to kill the Wraith, however, it killed everyone on Doranda as well (206 – Trinity). Rodney’s sister, Jeannie Miller, comes up with a physics proof that may fix Arcturus. Rodney convinces her to come to Atlantis. They use her calculations to create a matter bridge to draw energy from and release the hazardous exotic particles into a (hopefully uninhabited) parallel universe, instead of drawing zero point energy from our own universe. They succeed in safely reactivating it. However, "Rod" from the parallel universe, arrives and tells them that the exotic particles are destroying his universe. The Project is once again shut down (308 – McKay and Mrs. Miller).

Ares has to have it his way Trelak, First prime of Ares, threatens King Arkhan the First, aka Maybourne


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (Latin: Aries: "Ram") From the Greek word for "man," "male," or "strife," Ares was the Greek God of War; Known to the Romans as Mars or Mavors. One of his titles was Enyalios ("Warlike"). He was the son of Zeus (King of the Gods) and Hera (or Hera alone) and brother to Hephaestus (Smith-God) and Eris (Goddess of Discord; his constant companion). With Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), he was the father of Deimos ("Fear;" personification of dread), Phobos ("Fright;" the personification of fear and terror), and Harmonia (Goddess of Harmony). Also with Aphrodite, he was the father of Eros (God of Love) and Anteros (God of Unrequited Love). He was also the father of Antiope, the queen of the Amazons. He was tall and handsome, but also vain and cruel. Often shown wearing a gleaming helmet and brandishing his sword. He is often depicted carrying a bloodstained spear. His throne on Mount Olympus was said to be covered in human skin. As a God of War, he was immortal, but occasionally he was wounded in battle (always healed by a reluctant Zeus). Ares was the first to be tried for murder. He killed Halirrhothius, son of Poseidon (God of the Sea), because Halirrhothius had attempted to violate one of Ares’ daughters, Alcippe. Poseidon Brought Ares to court at Areopagus ("Hill of Ares"), where he was judged by a tribunal of the 12 Olympians and acquitted. He was mainly worshipped in Thracia, an area known for its fierce people. His symbols were the spear, vulture, and dog. March was named for him. Compared to Montu of Egypt, Morrígan of the Celts, and Thor of the Norse.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ He is a System Lord fleeing Baal and returns to a planet that he once controlled, which is now ruled by King Arkhan The First (actually Harry Maybourne of Earth). He brings his mothership to the planet to reclaim his territory. Trelak, Ares’ First-Prime, is sent to the planet’s surface with a Jaffa army. His mothership is blown up by O’Neill in Janus’ time-traveling jumper. Presumed dead (813 – It’s Good To Be King).
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ After Keras, he is the eldest of the Planet M7G-677. He believes that the presence of the SGA team will attract the Wraith, and expresses this thought to Pelias. He grudgingly agrees to Keras’ request that Sheppard stay for his ritual suicide, but Ares demands that the "full-growns" (the SGA team) leave immediately afterwards. Unbenownced to Ares, McKay had broken the EM shield generator, which allowed for a Wraith signal to be transmitted and attracted a surveillance drone/probe. The sight of the drone fuels Ares’ beliefs and he organizes some of the boys to force the SGA team to leave the planet. Meanwhile, McKay fixes the shield generator and Neleus convinces Ares of its power (106 – Childhood’s End).

The planet Argos


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (Argo) It was the largest ship ever built and carried Jason and the Argonauts (Also called the "Minyans," after Jason’s home) in their search for the Golden Fleece. The number of Argonauts differs according to the different versions of stories: in Apollonius of Rhodes’ version, there were 55 men; in Apollodorus’ version 43 men and one woman accompanied Jason. Some of the most famous Argonauts were: Acastus, Argos (Builder of the Argo), Atalanta (A great huntress), Autolycus (Hermes’ son and a master thief), Castor and Pollux (The Dioscuri, sons of Leda and Zeus, and brothers of Helen of Troy), Hercules (Demi-god son of Zeus), Hylas (Hercules’ companion), Laertes (Odysseus’ father), Meleager (Killed the Calydonian boar), Orpheus, Peleus (Achilles’ father and husband of Thetys), Telamon (Father of Ajax and Peleus’ brother), Theseus (Killed the Minotaur), Zetes and Calais (The Boreads). The Argonauts sailed to Colchis in search of the Golden Fleece. Once there, Jason was aided by Medea, a powerful sorceresses and daughter of King Aeëtes. Aeëtes didn’t want to part with the Fleece and sent Jason on many difficult tasks, including battling a robotic fire-breathing bull. Argos is also a city in the nomós ("department") of Argolis in northeastern Peloponnese in Greece and lies to the north of the Gulf of Argolis. The city is also where Amphiaraus (who was a legendary king and honored as a god) was from.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ A planet (Stargate Designation P3X-8596) where the inhabitants have the life span of only one hundred days, as the result of Pellops’ experiment on human evolution and genetics. Kynthia and Thetys live here (108 – Brief Candle). The alien device that supposedly "brainwashes" Daniel using nanites during the training exercise is a Trojan Horse found on Argos and made by Pellops (513 – Proving Ground).

You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!


Myth ~ ARTHURIAN LEGEND (Wales, England, France) ~ Arthur is a quasi-mythical King of Britain who supposedly reigned c. 410 AD. Arthur may be a composite-figure of several historical men. His story was first written by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his Historia Regum Britanniae (published c. 1136-38), and said Arthur died 542 AD. However, stories of Arthur appear in pre-Roman era Welsh literature. Arthur is the son of Uther Pendragon (Brother of Ambrosius Aurelius) and Igraine (Also called Ygerna), the Duchess of Cornwall. Merlin tutors him. He is married to Guinevere and father/uncle to Mordred with his half-sister, Morgause/Morgan Le Fay. Some myths say that young Arthur was sent to live with Sir Ector, and became a squire for his son, Sir Kay (Cai). He grew up unaware that he was Uther's son, until he pulled the Sword from the Stone. As king, he conquers the Irish, Picts, Saxons, Scots, and Gauls (French). Arthur held court at both Caerleon and Camelot, and creates the Knights of the Round Table. After Arthur conquered Gaul, he dueled Mordred for the throne. Mordred fatally wounds Arthur at Camlann. Arthur is taken to Avalon and may one day return. His supposed grave was found at Glastonbury Tor. Learn More: The Origins of King Arthur.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The Mantle of Arthur (Also known as Merlin’s Computer) is a device that Merlin built to conceal his weapon research. Hidden on Bardsey Island, the Mantle works by shifting the chosen object/person out of phase using Lepton radiation. Once out of phase, Merlin was able to see the information on the computer terminal (918 -- Arthur’s Mantle). Arthur was a mortal man and Merlin/Moros descended to live as a mortal in his court (1011 – The Quest).

Thor, a member of the Asgard race Major Carter and Heimdall checking out the Asgard-cicle The unnamed Asgard emerging from his suit Battle gear


Myth ~ NORSE MYTHOLOGY ~ (Also spelled Åsgard; from the Old Norse: Ásgardr.) It is the home of the Aesir, the race of warrior gods, and one of the Nine Worlds. It is situated on the highest level of the Norse universe (Midgard was the second level). A high wall of closely fitted, stone blocks surrounds it. Valhalla (See Halla, Valkyrie), Alfheim (["Elf Home"], the home of the god, Freyr and the Elves of Light), and Vanaheim ("Home of the Vanir") are located on this level. A person can only gain entry by crossing the bridge Bifrost (rainbow). Similar to Mount Olympus in Classical Greek Mythology.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The "Roswell Grey" race of aliens. Thor is a member of this race. They protect the people of the planet Cimmeria. They live on the planet Othala, in the galaxy of Ida (109 – Thor’s Hammer, 206 – Thor’s Chariot, 215 – The Fifth Race, 303 – Fair Game, 318 – Shades of Grey). The Asgard cannot help save Earth from the rogue asteroid (See Cassiopeia) because the Treaty of Protected Planets forbids the interference of preventing natural disasters (517 – Fail Safe). The Asgard are a dying race. They can no longer reproduce sexually. Heimdall reveals that they have been cloning themselves for centuries and downloading their consciousness into the new bodies. However, this has become a problem, because of flaws in the cloning process, leading to cellular degradation. This is why Heimdall’s research is so important. Approximately 30000 years ago, an Asgard ship was lost due to a navigational system failure near the Adara System. Only one of the Asgards’ ancestors’ bodies stayed "fresh" in suspended animation. Found six months ago, the body is tall and humanoid looking, and could be the genetic key needed to save the Asgard. Also, the information they have retrieved from Reese may help them defeat the Replicators (522 – Revelations). Their new home planet is Orilla, which is rich in a mineral called Neutronium, a key element in Asgard technology. Penegal is a member of the High Council and informs Thor that debris and Replicator blocks from the destroyed ship are raining down on Orilla and infesting the planet. However, Thor uses the Disrupter Gun to kill the Replicators on the surface (801/802 – New Order). Thor offers their Repository of Knowledge to the SGC, and has it installed in the Odyssey. Due to their incurable degeneration disease, the Asgard race dies in the mass suicide of the explosion of the planet Orilla (1020 – Unending).
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ A tribe of Asgards are found to be living in the Pegasus Galaxy. Their leader tells Daniel that they left the Milky Way in order to continue their unethical research on humans in an effort to prevent their own genetic degradation. However, after the Wraith defeated the Ancients, they started to attack the Asgard and destroyed their intergalactic ships. The Asgard took refuge on a planet with a toxic atmosphere that forced them to wear the protective body armor, but hid them and their technology from the Wraith. After finding an Ancient outpost on M6H-987, they raid Janus’ secret Atlantean lab when McKay and Jackson inadvertently activate a motion sensor. They capture McKay and Jackson and force them to make the Attero Device operational in an effort to defeat the Wraith (510/511 - First Contact/The Lost Tribe).

Dar Eshkalon Fire Bad!

Ashkelon / Ashqelon (Eshkalon)

History ~ ISRAEL ~ It is located 12 miles north of Gaza. Dating back to the third millennium BC, Ashqelon was a trade center due to its prime location on the Mediterranean. It was also a patron city of Astarte (Semitic/Phoenician Goddess of Fertility and Love, equivalent to Ishtar/Aphrodite). The Philistines conquered Ashqelon in the late 12th century BC and it was one of their five key cities. Alexander the Great was one of the city’s first conquerors, when he invaded from the sea in 332 BC. It flourished throughout the Hellenistic and Byzantine eras as a center of learning. It is thought that Cleopatra may have ruled the city very briefly in 30 BC. It is also said that Herod may have ruled in 30 BC, however Josephus, the Roman-Jewish historian, said that Herod did not rule. Herod built many monumental buildings, including bath houses, colonnades, fountains, and even a palace (which he left to his sister, Salome). Royal correspondence letters form the 14th century BC, found in Amarna, Egypt, referred to the city as "Askala." Later, Ramses II (the Great) recorded Egypt’s conquest of Ashqelon on a wall in the Temple of Amun at Karnak. The Romans ruled from the second and third centuries AD. Temples from that era housed statues of the goddess Nike (Victory) and the god Atlas, as well as Isis with Horus. In 638 AD, the Arabs conquered the city, and the Crusaders took it in 1153. Saladin, the Muslim hero, took it from the Crusaders in 1187. Richard I of England ruled in 1191 and the Muslims completely destroyed it in 1270 when Mamluke Sultan Baybars of Egypt stormed the city. In 1948 an Israeli settlement was started and the modern city was founded in 1955 with the merger of the towns of Afridar and Migdal. Today it is a popular beach resort. The city also boasts citrus groves and cotton plantations. Learn More: ::Ashkelon:: Official Site, Ancient Ashkelon @ nationalgeographic.com, and Travel in Ashkelon - WorldTravelGate.net.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Dar Eshkalon is one of the planets inhabited by the Free Jaffa Nation. It is remote and not in the immediate path of the Ori invasion. The Jaffa met here to decide their actions against the Ori and to decide on their new leaders. Arkad, a Jaffa follower of Origin, sent Ba'Kal, a Jaffa assassin, to stop the summit. Ba'Kal detonated a bomb, killing thirty-two and injuring twelve (See Talion) (1017 – Talion).

The city-ship of Asuras


Myth ~ INDIA ~ (Sanskrit: "power-seeking") In simplest terms, they are demons, who are opposed to the Devas (Gods). However, they are not necessarily evil; the same as the Devas are not necessarily good. Originally, in early versions of the Veda, they were another class of gods. Varuna (Supreme Lord of the Cosmos) and Mitra (Sun-God) were considered Asuras. Also in the early texts, the Asuras controlled moral/social occurrences while the Devas controlled natural occurrences. However, after the Asuras gained a sinister reputation, some were recategorized. Sometimes the Asuras, were better behaved than the Devas, and sometimes more powerful. Vritra ("Enveloper" giant dragon/serpent) was and still is considered an Asura.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ The Asurans are a Replicator-like race that was built by the Lantians (Ancients) to fight the Wraith. The Ancients originally made them as nanites with a stronger aggression level than the Wraith, and would cause brain hemorrhaging in the Wraith. While the Replicators replicate through metallic means, the Asurans are able to replicate through organic means. This allowed them to evolve rapidly into humanoids. The Asurans asked the Lantians to remove their aggression subroutines, however, the Lantians were optimistic they could still be a weapon. Instead they left the subroutines, added one to prevent the Asurans from removing it, and added another that would prevent the Asurans from harming any Lantians. The Lantians abandoned the project and destroyed the cities on Asuras (the Asurans’ homeworld) and sent a program update that would make them forget where Atlantis' location. The Asurans survived and flourished. They have the ability to create ZPMs (Zero Point Modules). The Asurans are able to communicate through subspace frequencies where they can "merge" to update programming. Niam and Oberoth are Asurans (305 - Progeny). Through the modifications McKay made to Niam’s programming, the Asurans were able to override a law in their base code that made it impossible for them to harm the Ancients. They take the city. Cetus and Talus are the leaders (310/311 - The Return).

Athar the Ancient

Athar / Athyr

Myth ~ ANCIENT MESOPOTAMIA or EGYPT ~ In Mesopotamia, Athar is the Canaanite God of the Morning Star or Evening Star (Venus). While Baal was battling Mot in the underworld, Athar usurped Baal’s throne. Although, after Baal returned from the underworld, Athar gave the throne back. The Ugaritic Athar ("Shining One, Son of Dawn") climbed the heights of heaven to challenge Baal. From this story, he is compared to the Greek story of Phaethon. ~ Athyr was also a name for Hathor (Hathor being a mistake in Greek transcribing of Athyr).
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ After seeing an energy beam destroy Wraith ships in orbit of the planet Proculus, Sheppard and the team go to investigate thinking that it is a weapon. On the surface they meet Chaya Sar, the High Priestess of the goddess Athar. Chaya is actually the Ancient, Athar. Before they ascended, she lived on Proculus. After she ascended, she still lived on Proculus, and when the Wraith came, she lashed out with her mind and destroyed the entire fleet. As with Orlin and Oma, she was exiled for interfering with "mortal life." Her punishment was the unending protection of Proculus. She says that she is not allowed to protect any others, or to help or teach the SGA. She says that the other Ancients would stop her if she tried (114 – Sanctuary).

Athena A page from Daniel’s book


Myth ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (Also: Pallas Athena, Athene. Roman: Minerva) She was the Greek goddess of Wisdom, War (Defensive), the Arts, Industry, Justice, and Skill. She also invented the bridle, chariot, flute, plow, pot, rake, ship, trumpet, and the yoke. She is the Patroness of Spinning and Weaving. She was called "Grey-Eyed" or "Flashing-Eyed." She sprang fully-grown and fully armored from the head of Zeus. Athena’s mother was Metis, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and Titan Goddess of all Wisdom and Knowledge. Zeus was told that if Metis bore a son, that son would overthrow him, just as he had done to Cronus. To try to prevent this, Zeus swallowed the pregnant Metis. After a while, Zeus got a headache. Hephaestus (The Smith-God) used an axe to split open Zeus's skull and out sprang Athena. She was also the half-sister to Apollo, Artemis (Goddess of the Moon), and Hermes (Messenger-God). Her temple was the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens. She also became the patron of the city after she gave the people olive trees in a contest with Poseidon (Sea-God), who gave the people a useless brackish spring. Her birthday festival was called the Panathenaea. The Olive Tree and Owl were sacred to her, as was the Aegis (a goatskin shield decorated with the head of Medusa). She is the favorite daughter of Zeus, and thus the only deity aloud to borrow Zeus’ weapons. She helped many Greek heroes including Cadmus (founder of Thebes), Hercules, Jason (Leader of the Argonauts), Odysseus (Hero of the Odyssey), and Perseus (Slayer of Medusa). Athena defended Mount Olympus by herself when Typhon attacked. Compared to the Egyptian Goddess Neith.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Originally thought to be a lo'taur, she is a Goa’uld who used the alter ego of a Trust member, Charlotte Mayfield. She is Vice-President of Farrow-Marshall and loyal assistant to Baal (907 – Ex Deus Machina). Athena and Qetesh once were allies until Qetesh double-crossed her, and stole the Ancient tablet treasure map. Athena kidnaps Vala and used a memory device to probe for the location of the map (1008 – Memento Mori).

The Athosians: Halling and Teyla Emmagan The abandoned ruins of their advanced city


History/Religion/Geography ~ CHRISTIANITY & GREECE ~ (GR: Ayio Oros or "Holy Mountain") In Greek mythology, Athos was one of the Gigantes. The Gigantes were monstrous giants who were born when blood of Uranus (Sky-God) fell on Gaia (Earth-Goddess). Athos and the other Gigantes tried to invade Mount Olympus. During the battle, Athos threw a mountain at Zeus, who deflected it. This mountain fell to the coast of Macedonia. This myth explains the origin of the mountain. In geography, it is also called Hagion Oros in the Classical Greek language, it is located in Macedonia, northern Greece, on the Chalcidice (or Khalkidhiki) peninsula on the Aegean Sea. Its capital city is Karyes. There are twenty Eastern Orthodox monasteries, 12 sketae (smaller communities of monks), and many (solitary) hermitages. It is also an autonomous state, where only monks are alowed to live, with the current population being around 1400. The mountain’s height is 2033 meters. Athos’ monastic community founded in 963 AD (by a monk named Athanasios the Athonite), with the establishment of the Great Lavra monastery (still the most prominent and largest). Also areound this time, an edict was passed that banned the building of roads to the peninsula, and even today, it is only only accessable by sea. The monasteries of Athos were protected by the Byzantine Emperors until their 15th century collapse and the occupation of Islamic Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans largely ignored Athos, aside from heavily taxing them. Laymen may visit the peninsula, however they first must obtain special permission, which involves a lengthy application process. Only 130 outsiders permitted to visit per day, with 120 reserved for Orthodox Christian pilgrims and the remaining 10 for men with a legitimate scholarly interest. All women, human and animal, are completely banned from the peninsula, however during the Greek Civil War, they did shelter refugees (including women and girls). Learn More: Athos The Holy Mountain -- Agio Oros and Macedonian Heritage: Mount Athos.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Also called Athosia (which may be the name of the city), it is located in the Pegasus Galaxy, and is the home planet of Teyla Emmagan and her people. The Athosians are a pre-industrial humans race. The Athosians’ ancestors once had a city of great technological advancement, however the modern Athosians abandoned it several generations ago. They still maintain some technology and the knowledge of how to use it. Furthermore, the Athosians believe if they advance to the level of their ancestors, the Wraith will completely annihilate them. They also believe that the Wraith can sense when they are in the city. In a cave near the city, Teyla shows Sheppard the cave painting her people had made of Wraith attacks dating back thousands of years or more. The last major Wraith attack was five generations ago, although smaller attacks have happened recently. Some of the Athosians can sense the Wraiths before they arrive. After the Wraith attack, the SGA team returns to Atlantis along with about 50 surviving Athosians (101/102 – Rising). It is my theory that the Wraiths did not attack Athos because some of the SGA team went into the ancestors’ city, but because Sheppard had activated Teyla’s necklace, which he had found in the cave. It was discovered that the charm on the necklace was an "Ancient Detector" made by the Wraith (105 – Suspicion). The Athosians help defend Atlantis from the Wraith, while the rest of them are evacuated to the new alpha-site (120 – The Siege). After the Althosians are forced to leave the city by Helia, Ladon Radim of the Genii offers an alliance with them (310 - The Return). The Athosians have settled on a new planet that they have named New Athos. However, on a routine visit, it is discovered that they have disappeared (407 - Missing).

The city-ship of the Ancients The history hologram


Myth/History ~ ANCIENT GREECE ~ (Greek: "Land of Atlas") A highly advanced civilization that once flourished and was destroyed by a cataclysmic event. It was destroyed because the people became arrogant and greedy. At the dawn of time, the Greek gods divided the world among themselves to rule. Poseidon, God of the Sea, and his mortal wife, Cleito, were given Atlantis. It is said that Atlantis is larger than Libya and Asia combined (However, some scholars say that this is a miss translation and that is should read that the island lay between Libya and Asia). Cleito gave birth to 5 pairs of twins who ruled this island-nation. Her son Atlas was the first born of the first set of twins and thus became the king of Atlantis, and his other nine brothers became princes of various regions. At the center of Atlantis was a high hill (the location of Cleito’s home), around that was a fertile plain. Five concentric rings of water and land surrounded the hill and plain. At first, the city was a perfect utopia that upheld a shining example for truth, justice, and order. However, the kings eventually forgot the rules that Poseidon had told them and let pride and lust for power overtake them. At the end of Plato’s story, Zeus (King of the Gods) had assembled all the gods to decide their fate. Plato, a Greek philosopher, wrote the most famous account in his dialogues the Timaeus and the Critias. Plato’s version comes form Solon, a Greek legislator and poet from the city of Athens, who visited the Egyptian city of Saïs 150 years prior, and heard the story from Egyptian priests. The priests believed that their goddess Neith, was the same as Athena, thus, Greece and Egypt were kinsmen. Nine thousand years previous, the city of Athens had fought a war with Atlantis. The kings of Atlantis had started to invade other islands and nations and were beginning to take control of the Mediterranean, Europe, and Asia. Atlantis had also conquered Egypt. Athens formed an alliance of Greek city-states in an effort to try to stop the impending invasion. The other city-states abandoned the alliance and Athens stood alone in the fight. The Athenian soldiers went to Atlantis and defeated them, freeing themselves and the others. Shortly after, the island suffered a single night of catastrophic earthquakes and floods, which caused it to disappear beneath the sea. There are many theories on where Atlantis was located if it truly existed. The most probable is the Greek/Aegean island of Thera, or as it is modernly known, Santorini, which was destroyed in c. 1628 BC. In Solon’s story, Atlantis existed 9000 years before in the Early Stone Age, however, Solon may have misinterpreted the Egyptian symbol for "100" for "1000." This would have moved its existence up to the Middle Bronze Age around the year, 1500 BC. There are also Mayan and Chinese versions of the story. Learn More: Santorini, Greece, The UnMuseum - Atlantis, and Atlantis, Greek Mythology Link.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ After their excursion to Taonas, an Ancient outpost on the planet Proklarush (where they find a ZPM), Jack reveals the location of Terra Atlantis, Atlantis on Earth. He reveals that Atlantis is subo glacios, under the ice of Antarctica. However, it is not Atlantis itself. It is another outpost. It does contain weapons that save Earth from Anubis (722 – Lost City).
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Atlantis/Antarctica was probably the first location of the Stargate on Earth. It takes an eight-chevron address to reach the new location of Atlantis from Earth. The Ancients piloted the city to the unnamed planet in the Pegasus Galaxy, where they encountered the Wraith. The ancients went to the Pegasus Galaxy to expand the Stargate network and to spread human life. In a last ditch effort to save their city from the Wraith; the Ancients sunk it beneath the ocean, protected by a force field. The ZPM that powered the city was almost drained of power when the SGA team arrived, making the return trip to Earth impossible. Dr. Weir orders a team to gate to a random world (Athos) in order to find refuge, before the ZPM is empty and the force fields fail. Once on Athos, they encounter Teyla Emmagan, her people (the Athosians), and the Wraith. After the Wraith attack, they return to Atlantis along with the surviving Athosians. Luckily, the Ancients left a failsafe program, which made the city rise to the surface before the power drained completely (101/102 – Rising). On a flight over the planet, Sheppard and Ford discover approximately 15 million square miles land. The majority of the Athosians decide to settle there (105 – Suspicion). The Ancients’ database reveals that every 20 or 30 years the ocean becomes unseasonably warm (similar to El Niño), creating weather conditions favorable to massive hurricanes. This time, Maj. Sheppard and Teyla, flying over the planet in a Puddle-Jumper, see a giant storm front that covers 20 percent of the planet. The storm, which McKay and Zelenka have determined is actually two merged hurricanes, is headed to the mainland settlement of the Athosians and then to the city-ship of Atlantis proper (The main land is the size of North America, and 70% of it will be hit by the storm). McKay and Zelenka formulate a plan to use the lightning’s energy to power the city’s shields. The team defeats the Genii and enables the shields just in time (110/111 – The Storm/The Eye). After they shut down the failed Arcturus Project, McKay depletes the ZPM closing the matter bridge and sending "parallel-Rod" back to his universe (308 – McKay and Mrs. Miller).

The control device Activated Attero


Language ~ LATIN ~ Means: destroy, waste, weaken, impair.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ Found in one of Janus’ labs, the Attero Device was created by the Ancients in an attempt to destroy the Wraith once and for all. It disrupts the Wraith’s specific hyperspace frequencies, which causes a destabilization of their sub-space channel and causes their ships to rip apart upon engaging the hyperdrive. However, it also has an unforeseen side effect, which led the Ancients to discontinue its use. The Attero Device generates a type of radiation which causes a power build up in the Pegasus Stargates and causes them to explode when dialed (510/511 - First Contact/The Lost Tribe).

The Aurora The Crew of the Aurora in virtual reality


Myth ~ ANCIENT ROME ~ (Greek: Eos) She is the Personification of the Dawn. She is the sister of Sol and Luna (Moon). She is the mother of the Venti, the Four Winds. They were: Aquilo/Aquilon (Greek: Boreas; Northern (Winter) Wind), Auster (Gr: Notus; Southern (Sirocco) Wind), Favonius (Gr: Zephyrus; Western (Spring) Wind), and Vulturnus (Gr: Eurus; Eastern (Unlucky) Wind). She was also the mother of the morning and evening stars. She was depicted as a beautiful woman with wings dressed in flowing robes. She was also described as rosy-fingered and with golden arms. She flew in front of Sol’s chariot in a chariot of her own pulled by two horses (Lampus and Phaethon in Greek myth). Her tears for Memnon, her son who died in the Trojan War, caused the morning dew. Because Mars (Ares) took an interest in her, Venus (Aphrodite; Goddess of Love) cursed her to fall in love with mortals. In one myth, she asked Jupiter (Zeus) to give her mortal husband Tithonus immortality. However, she forgot to ask for eternal youth, thus he aged forever. Eventually, his body failed and he became bedridden, although his frail voice could still be heard throughout the palace. She left him in her chamber and eventually turned him into either a grasshopper or cricket. She is comparable to the Etruscan goddess Thesan and to the Vedic/Hindu goddess Ushas.
The Show (Stargate Atlåntis) ~ An Ancient warship, with its entire crew in stasis, encountered by Col. Sheppard and his team. During the First Siege of Atlantis by the Wraith, the Lantians sent the Aurora to the outer edge of the Pegasus Galaxy to gather information on the weaknesses in the Wraith’s defenses. Even though, the crew has been in stasis for 10000 years and would die if they left the pods, their consciousness is connected to the ship’s computer. They have also forgotten they are in stasis. Outside the Aurora, the Daedalus encounters two Wraith cruisers. Inside the Aurora, Sheppard discovers that a Wraith has entered a stasis pod and is posing as an Ancient to learn about their superior hyperdrive and to delete the information the crew learned about the Wraith weakness. The crew of the Aurora decides to set the self-destruct in order to destroy the Wraith cruisers (209 - Aurora).

The Asgard scan of Glastonbury Tor Not all treasure is made of gold


Myth/History ~ ARTHURIAN LEGEND (Wales, England, France) ~ (Ynys yr Afalon "Isle of Apples;" From Celtic abal, Welsh afal, & Breton and Cornish aval; all meaning Apple. Possibly from the Brythonic (indigenous Briton) word Annwyn meaning "Netherworld" or "Realm of Fairies") Arthurian Legend says Avalon is where Excalibur was forged. Arthur is also taken there to recuperate after Mordred wounds him at Camlann. One version of the myth says that Morgan Le Fay took his body to Avalon to be buried, while another version says that Avalon possesses magical healing powers and that Arthur will one day return from Avalon. There is also a myth that says Joseph of Arimathea brought the Holy Grail here after Jesus’ death. It is thought to be present day Glastonbury Tor or Bardsey Island. Learn More: Isle of Avalon – Glastonbury.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ Daniel says that the Tor maybe hollow and contains Avalon, the place Merlin took Arthur to Ascend. Avalon is shielded with Ancient technology. They use Asgard sensors on the Prometheus to find it, half mile underground with no surface entrance. Once inside, via transport rings, the team must complete three puzzles and then gains access to the treasure, gold and silver, an Alteran history book, and a long-range communication device (901/902 -- Avalon).

Don’t mind me, I’m a professional... that’s why I’m wearing this white coat *tickle, tickle*


Religion ~ HINDU ~ (Sanskrit Avatāra: "Descent") An Avatar is the bodily manifestation (as a human or animal) of an immortal being. It is where an immortal deliberatly descends to the mortal world for a special purposes. Avatars were sent for two reasons: to guide and to destroy. Avatars main, and most important, missions were to guide people and to be messengers. A god can easily smite from a distance. The term is primarily used for incarnations of Vishnu. The most famous of Vishnu’s avatars are Krishna (eighth), Rama (seventh), and Buddha (nineth). Vishnu has anywhere from ten to twenty-eight avatars, but ten is the usual amount. Nine of his avatars have appeared. The tenth is Kalki Avatara. He will appear at the end of the present age riding on a white horse and armed with a scimitar. In modern times the term Avatar has come to be used to denote a computer image graphic, which is used to represent a person online.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ In this episode, Teal’c is trapped in a virtual reality computer program, which was designed to be a training device. Teal’c’s Avatar must defend the SGC from a Kull warrior invasion. The game learns from the actions of the avatars and makes changes to the program to increase the difficulty. However, when the game was designed (using the chairs from The Gamekeeper (ep. 204), Teal’c believed that the Goa’uld could not ultimately be defeated (806 – Avatar).

The Great Ring of Avidan


Language ~ HEBREW ~ It is a name meaning "My Father is Judge" or "God is Just." Avidan is a modern version of Abidan. He was a Benjamite prince in the Old Testament.
The Show (Stargåte SG-1) ~ The Stargate of the Rand Protectorate is called the Great Ring of Avidan. It was first discovered in the Corillian wastelands over one hundred and fifty years ago and is the highlight of the antiquities collection of their museum. Many natives of the Rand Protectorate wear the Great Ring as a fashion statement rather than religious belief. Their history tells of a time before their age of enlightenment when all-powerful gods ruled their world and the Great Ring was their source of power. However, now that the Stargate has been activated by SG-1, it is feared that the old ways will make a resurgence. Soren, the leader of the rebel religious faction, takes control of the government; he renames the Rand Protectorate, Avidan. Teal’c reveals that the name is from an ancient Goa’uld dialect meaning "The Gods Are Just" (See also Caledonia and Leda) (805 – Icon).

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